Keyrail is a proud supplier and manufacturer of Rail Tamper Equipment, Workheads, Jack Beams, Ballast Regulators, Hi Rail Wheel Assemblies and a variety of additional rail engineering solutions.

Keyrail also offers comprehensive refurbishments of these machines, using new consumables and in-house manufactured parts. Crack, fatigue and hydraulic components testing is provided as part of our refurbishment service, along with a complete spray paint finish and a comprehensive service report. If you choose Keyrail as your refurbishment provider, we are able to transfer your plant to and from our modern Broadmeadows facility.

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Keyrail is a proud supplier of a variety of additional engineering solutions, including parts for Ballast Regulators, Compactors/ Consolidators, Tie Renewal Machines and Road Rail Vehicles. We are also happy to discuss tailored needs and solutions.